Payroll Calendar

Payroll Calendar

A payroll calendar must be created prior to utilizing any of the other time sheet tools. This function allows the administrator to create a payroll calendar that represents the pay periods for each work type. When creating a payroll calendar, the name can be customized as well as the start and stop dates and cutoff dates and times for each pay period.

When clicking on the "Payroll Calendar" link, the administrator chooses whether to edit a current calendar or add a new calendar and the following screen is displayed.

If you select the ADD NEW link at the top right, you will be taken to a screen similar to the one below. You must provide the following information on this screen:

Calendar Name - Enter a name that is useful for your organization. Remember, like most text fields in eResourcePlanner, you cannot enter commas or apostrophes.
Calendar Type - Select either Exempt or Non Exempts as the calendar type.
Description - Enter a description for the calendar that will help you remember what this particular calendar will be utilized for. Remember to be descriptive here as you may have many calendars within eResourcePlanner over time.

Following the input of your data, you may choose the UPDATE button which will store the information you entered and return you to the previous page or the CANCEL button which will IGNORE all information entered and return you to the previous page.

If you select the Edit Info link on the right hand side in the ACTION column, you will be taken to a screen similar to the one above with the data already filled in for the calendar you selected. The purpose of this screen is to allow you to edit the details of a calendar that has already been created.

You may alse choose the Details Link on the right hand side in the ACTION column. This allows you to edit the details of upcoming periods only. When you select the Details link, you will see a screen similar to the one displayed below.

Within the screen the following data elements exist:

Utilize the "More Detail" button to add additional pay periods and their details.

Click the "Update" button to save all changes and additions made to the current calendar.

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Last Updated: 10/05/09